The Benefits of Coral Seaweed

Modern science research discovered that Coral Seaweed contains potential natural chemical ability to heal tumors. It has large amount of enzyme which helps to detoxify our body. Thealth effects are better than magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, etc.


Coral Seaweed is rich enzyme, vitamins and minerals. It is also an alkaline product, which is able to rejuvenate our body’s nutrients, balance the acid-alkaline PH in our body, help to strengthen our body and revive our stamina.


Coral seaweed is rich in fiber, ocean enzyme and collagen stubborn stool stuck on the wall
of the intestines.
Therefore, Coral Seaweed is also known as the “Body Cleanser”.

Post-natal care

Coral Seaweed is rich in iron and can enrich our red blood cells in our body. It helps pregnant women to quickly regain their stamina. Those suffering from anemia should take more of Coral Grass.

Calcium Deficiency

Coral Seaweed contains water-soluble calcium which is easily absorbed by our body. It is a very good source of calcium replenishment for children, pregnant women and ladies who suffered from osteoporosis.

Beuaty Care

Coral Seaweed contains plant-based collagen and has no fat. It is able to increase the skin hydration, tightness and elasticity, thus effectively precenting wrinkles and sagginess on our skin.